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Why Hire Leah Bishop

Fort Collins Premier Legal Defense Attorney and Your Legal Advocate

If you have been charged with a crime, you need an advocate. The cards are stacked against you in the criminal justice system. The state has vast resources and legal knowledge to use for your prosecution. You need someone to help you even the score, so that you get a fair fighting chance. You need an advocate.

Leah Bishop is a Fort Collins criminal defense attorney who focuses on effective advocacy for our clients. She has logged thousands of hours as a prosecutor in the District Attorney’s office and as a defense attorney. This experience gives our law firm the unique insight into the other side’s strategies for prosecuting these criminal cases. We use this knowledge to advocate powerfully for our clients.

At Leah Bishop, L.L.C., we handle cases that include:

DUI Defense

DUI is a serious crime, with stiff penalties. Especially if you are looking at a possible second or subsequent conviction, it is hard to emphasize enough the importance of hiring a good DUI attorney. We represent clients in their DUI defense cases, handling issues that include:

Marijuana and Other Drug Charges

Marijuana has been an important issue the criminal justice system for many years. We can help you mount an effective defense against marijuana-related criminal charges. But marijuana is not illegal in all contexts.  We also handle issues that include possession and distribution, as well as wire taps.

Property Crimes

Violent Crimes

Traffic Violations

Our law firm handles a wide variety of traffic violations, including driving under revocation, to help our clients keep their drivers’ licenses.

Campus Crimes

Many young people have a difficult time or make mistakes when they leave home for the first time and go to college. If you or your child has gotten into legal trouble while at college, we can help.

Free Initial Consultation ∙ Contact Us

Because the criminal justice system can be so intimidating and overwhelming, I offer free consultations to our potential criminal defense clients in Colorado. This will give you the chance to talk with an experienced attorney about the criminal justice system, and learn how our law firm can help defend you against criminal convictions. Call our office at 970-224-5555 to schedule your free consultation with a lawyer.

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