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Why Hire a Good DUI Attorney?

Get the Help You Need in a DUI Case

Why hire a good DUI attorney? Because too much is at stake in a DUI case. You need someone to advocate for you, a lawyer who can stand up against the prosecutor on your behalf, defend your rights and walk you through the entire criminal justice process.

Fort Collins, Colorado, criminal defense attorney Leah Bishop understands the complexities of DUI cases, including issues involving your constitutional rights, search and seizure issues and courtroom procedures. Leah Bishop, L.L.C. can help you get the best defense possible in your DUI case.

What a Good DUI Attorney Can Do For You

An experienced, skilled DUI attorney can provide you with:

  • Protection of your rights: There are a lot of ways that the police can err regarding illegal stops, search and seizure, roadside sobriety tests and blood alcohol tests. A skilled lawyer will break down the police actions and find ways to weaken the state’s case. There are things that the police will not tell you. For example, roadside sobriety tests are voluntary, though they will never tell you that during a stop. Blood and breath tests designed to determine your blood-alcohol level, however, are required. Failure to comply will result in serious penalties.
  • Knowledge: A good attorney will have a good working knowledge of criminal law, will help you understand the system, and will challenge procedures and evidence during the trial to ensure that your rights and interests are protected.
  • Trusted advocacy: The criminal justice system is both tough and complicated. A good DUI attorney should be able to put up a tough fight for you in the courtroom and provide you with wise counsel through the process. Leah Bishop can provide you valued counsel regarding the various DUI sentencing possibilities for first, second and subsequent DUI charges.

“The criminal justice system is a bit of a mismatch for the accused. The victims of crimes and the state do not need an advocate. The people accused of crimes, however, do not necessarily have anyone on their side. I provide that advocacy for my clients. I will fight to the end for your rights while also providing much needed counsel throughout your case.” ∙ Leah Bishop, attorney at law

DMV Consequences

If you are arrested for DUI, you have only seven days to request a hearing with the DMV or you will lose your license. If your breath test reads above .08 blood-alcohol content (BAC) level, the arresting officer will give you a license revocation card. You will need to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) within seven days to request a hearing. If you fail to go to the DMV within this timeframe, you will not be able to get a permit allowing you to drive before the hearing.

Attorney Leah Bishop can represent you in the criminal DUI trial and the DMV administrative process to help you keep your driving privileges.

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