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Medical Marijuana

Legal Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes

Colorado has taken great strides in decriminalizing marijuana for medical purposes. In recent years, we have seen medical marijuana dispensaries come and go.  Now that they are legal to operate in Larimer County,  there are many cases, in which medical marijuana is being distributed legally to or legally possessed by patients for medical purposes, yet arrests and formal marijuana crime charges are issued. If you are in this situation, you need a criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights.

These cases are not as simple as many criminal defense cases. While the activity of providing marijuana for medical purposes is legal in Colorado, there is a myriad of compliance issues and technicalities that complicate the issues. Further, there is an inherent conflict between state and federal laws in this area. Fort Collins criminal defense attorney Leah Bishop has experience with these issues, and she can defend you in the criminal court system.

In most cases of criminal charges against medical marijuana patients, the accused parties are not criminals; they are patients in need of the medical marijuana for a legitimate purpose. More often, either the arresting officer and prosecuting attorney are overzealous. If you are facing medical marijuana charges, we will come to your defense in court.

You need the counsel of a good lawyer even if you know your medical marijuana license is legal. Leah Bishop, L.L.C. can help you:

  • Avoid criminal charges: If you are contacted by police in regards to your medical marijuana, we can provide the information which proves you are in possession of medical marijuana legally.
  • Maintain the highest level of privacy: Many people are uninformed regarding what level of information is available to the district attorney and law enforcement. In reality, they are entitled to a very small amount of information if you have a valid medical marijuana license. You need a qualified attorney to know how to fight your case and defend your rights.
  • Fight against marijuana criminal charges: As a former deputy district attorney for nine years with criminal defense experience, Leah Bishop knows marijuana criminal law and procedure from both sides and she will use that experience to advocate aggressively for your defense.

The Law of Medical Marijuana

Colorado allows licensed patients and caregivers to possess a small amount or up to 6 plants of marijuana by someone who is licensed to possess the drug for medical purposes. If you are so licensed, only three of the six plants that you possess can legally be in a mature, budding stage at any one time. Caregivers of people who are licensed for medical purposes are also allowed to possess medical marijuana and grow the same amount of marijuana plants.

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