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Marijuana Criminal Charges

Save Your Freedom ∙ Save Your Reputation

Many of our Fort Collins clients who have been charged with a marijuana crime are professionals, responsible adults who are certainly not hardened criminals. Nevertheless, the penalties involved with marijuana convictions, which include a tarnished reputation, are capable of devastating careers and family lives.

If you are facing marijuana crime charges, criminal defense lawyer Leah Bishop has the experience and skill to help you. She has more than 14 years of experience as an attorney, with experience as a deputy district attorney and criminal defense lawyer. This gives Leah Bishop a strategic edge. We know how the other side prosecutes these cases, so we know how to defend against the prosecution.

Colorado Marijuana Criminal Charges

Some of the most common marijuana charges include:

  • Simple possession of a small amount of marijuana: Possessing an ounce or less is legal in Colorado.  However, federal law still prohibits the possession of any amount of marijuana.
  • Possession of between one and eight ounces of marijuana: Simple possession of this higher quantity is a misdemeanor for which you could incur up to 18 months in jail.
  • Possession of more than eight ounces: This is a felony charge that could include up to three years in prison.

Other Marijuana-Related Charges

Other related criminal charges include:

  • Possession of marijuana paraphernalia – possessing pot pipes, bongs, roach clips and other items that are clearly being used for marijuana consumption
  • Cultivation – growing
  • Distribution – when you are caught actually selling or giving away quantities of the drug
  • Possession with intent to distribute – usually when you possess more than a certain amount or possess the drug in many small, segregated quantities

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