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Driving Under the Influence


Why You Need An Experienced and Aggressive DUI Attorney

Because DUI cases can involve so many predetermined factors – like blood alcohol level and number of previous offenses – you might be wondering why you should hire a good DUI attorney. Experience makes a big difference in DUI cases, as there are many factors that an experienced attorney can look at to minimize the damage in your case.

  • Legality of the stop: The police need probable cause or a legal checkpoint in order to stop a driver legally for suspicion of drunk driving. Just because an officer says he/she had probable cause, does not make it so. A good attorney knows the law and whether a stop was legal or not, and whether your rights were violated.
  • Legality of the roadside sobriety testing: There are many ways that an officer could err during the horizontal gaze nystagmus, one-legged stand and other roadside tests. In many cases, the weather conditions or traffic conditions make it very difficult to pass the test, regardless of whether any alcohol was consumed.
  • Legality of chemical sobriety testing: It is very common for mistakes to be made while administering the breathalyzer, blood tests or urine tests to determine BAC.
  • Sentencing: The sentences and corresponding penalties change drastically depending on the amount of alcohol in your blood, whether it is a first, second or subsequent DUI offense, and other factors.

Attorney Leah Bishop is well-versed in all of these complicated issues that arise in DUI cases. She has litigated DUI cases from both sides, and she knows how to break down these issues in the courtroom.

The Impact of a DUI Conviction

A driving under the influence conviction can have a huge impact on your life and the life of your family.  The penalties can be severe.  In addition to the fines and jail time, you could lose your driving privileges and freedom. With this much on the line, many DUI defendants look at the complicated criminal justice system and feel lost, like there is nothing you can do to fight the system or improve your situation. You need a lawyer who is knowledgeable in the law, skilled and experienced with litigating this type of case, and a trusted advocate and guide through the criminal justice system.

Fort Collins DUI defense attorney Leah Bishop spent nine years in the DA’s office prosecuting DUI cases before turning her attention towards representing the accused as a criminal defense attorney. She knows DUI cases from both sides, and she is a skilled litigator in the courtroom. She knows the elements that the state has to prove to establish guilt in these crimes. She knows the most compelling arguments for and against these elements and when these arguments apply. This makes her a powerful advocate in the courtroom. At Leah Bishop, L.L.C., we help our clients understand their rights and the consequences of their choices. We will advocate for you, helping you through the complicated criminal justice system.

The Basics of Driving Under the Influence

Generally speaking, DUI is pretty simple – operating a motor vehicle whole impaired by the effects of alcohol. There are two basic types of DUI:

DUI Per Se

For DUI per se, the impact that the alcohol has on you is irrelevant. The only important factor is your blood-alcohol level. With a blood-alcohol (BAC) level between .05 and .08, you are considered “driving while ability impaired,” and with a BAC over .08, you are considered “driving under the influence,” regardless of whether you show any signs of being affected by the alcohol.

DUI Based on Police Observation

This is the type of DUI that is dependent on your behavior. Using observations like swerving, slurred speech and inability to pass roadside sobriety testing, the police will use their training and experience to allege that you were driving under the influence of alcohol and to justify the arrest.

Regardless of whether the charges are based on your behavior, your blood-alcohol level or both, Bishop & Associates, L.L.C. will do everything possible to find a way to weaken the state’s case and make sure your rights are protected throughout the criminal justice process.

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