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Criminal Defense Attorney Fort Collins

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Fort Collins

When defending against criminal charges, whether they are felony murder charges or something more commonplace, choosing the right lawyer is a crucial step in your defense. Too much is at stake to take this decision lightly: jail or prison time, fines, loss of work and loss of your reputation and credibility for future employers, to name a few. Make sure that your criminal defense lawyer has handled cases like yours before, because your attorney is your go-between, the bridge between you and the court.

At Leah Bishop, L.L.C., we bring experience and skill to all of our cases. Leah Bishop spent nearly nine years as a prosecuting attorney in the District Attorney’s office. During that time, attorney Bishop learned the criminal justice system thoroughly, including the law and procedures. Over the past number of years, attorney Bishop has been gaining valuable experience as a criminal defense attorney in the Fort Collins area.

Your Advocate as a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Leah Bishop’s experience as a prosecutor translates into effective advocacy for our clients. We know the system, and we are well-versed in the methods and strategies that prosecuting attorneys use to get convictions. We are advocates for our clients. Not only do we fight fiercely for our clients, but we also make it a point to help our clients throughout the process.

We know that defending against criminal charges might be an intimidating thing for you, especially if this is your first offense. We will help walk you through the criminal justice process and help you understand what is happening so that you can make informed, intelligent decisions regarding your criminal defense strategy.

Defending You

We have experience defending clients in Colorado from charges involving:

We are focused on minimizing the damage of a criminal conviction on your life. If you contact us early, we can work toward lowering or dismissing the charges before you even see the courtroom. If you have been arrested and charged, we can work with the prosecutor to lower your sentence. If that is not effective, or if litigation looks like a better option in your case, we will litigate on your behalf to have your charges dismissed or lowered, or get you the most lenient sentence possible.

Contact a Fort Collins Criminal Defense Attorney

Our office is conveniently located in Old Town Fort Collins. We offer a free initial consultation to prospective clients in Colorado. Call our office at 970-224-5555  to learn what we can do in your defense.

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