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Campus Crimes


Criminal Penalties Are Just the Beginning for Campus Crimes

Of course, criminal penalties are a concern for parents whose children have been charged with a crime while in college. However, the collateral consequences of campus crimes are often overlooked.  Many parents do not think about the peripheral consequences like loss of a scholarship or, for more serious crimes, the loss of status as a student. A penalty of this kind could stay on your child’s transcripts indefinitely and create a tremendous hindrance going forward.

If your son or daughter is a college student facing criminal charges, contact Leah Bishop, L.L.C..  Campus crimes attorney Leah Bishop is a trusted advocate and fierce litigator for her clients and their children. With almost nine years of experience in the district attorney’s office, she knows how these charges are prosecuted, so she knows how to defend against them for her clients. The combination of her experience as a prosecutor and her experience as a criminal defense attorney make Leah Bishop a formidable advocate for her clients.

“I have experience working with young adults, and I truly enjoy working with this age group. I know how important it is to keep things confidential when I am working with college students as clients. Also, if you are a parent, I want you to know that I will use all of my experience and skill to defend your child.” ∙ Attorney Leah Bishop

Common Campus Crimes

“Campus crime” is not a technical term. Any crime can be committed on a campus or by a college student. However, because of the unique environment of a college campus – with young people out on their own for the first time, a lot of parties and overuse of alcohol and other drugs – there are a few crimes that are more common than others on college campuses:

We have the experience to fight for you or your child’s defense against these charges in Colorado. Leah Bishop is an agile, intelligent litigator in the courtroom who knows how to get the best results possible for our clients.

Contact a Fort Collins Criminal Defense Attorney ∙ Free Consultations

For many college students and their parents, criminal charges are unfamiliar and quite intimidating. We offer a free initial consultation, so you can talk to a lawyer with no charge or obligation to learn about your rights, the criminal law process, and what we can do to help you. Call 970-224-5555 to schedule your free consultation.

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