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Legal Separation

An Alternative to Divorce

Many couples in Colorado choose legal separation as an alternative to divorce. There are several reasons why a couple might choose to legally separate, including health insurance coverage, religious beliefs or financial benefits.

At Leah Bishop, L.L.C., we are committed to helping clients in Fort Collins and throughout Colorado achieve their unique family law goals. We will take the time to understand your needs and guide you through every step of the legal separation process.

Guiding You Through the Legal Separation Process

If you and your spouse have determined that your marriage is irretrievably broken, you may decide to pursue legal separation rather than divorce. Couples choose to legally separate for many reasons, including:

  • Health insurance coverage will continue for both spouses
  • Taxes can be filed together
  • Religious beliefs prevent the them from divorcing
  • The couple is not ready for the permanency of divorce

The process of legal separation is identical to the divorce process in Colorado; however, you will stay married. You and your spouse must divide marital property and work out issues around child custody and child support and spousal maintenance.

Our attorneys understand that a legal separation can be as emotionally charged as a divorce. By staying clearheaded and objective, we strive to help you see the big picture in order to make the long-term decisions that are best for you and your family.

Another benefit to a legal separation is that it allows you and your spouse to resume your marriage if you decide to do so. Additionally, if you decide to get divorced at a later time, the separation agreement can be converted from a decree of separation to a decree of divorce.

Contact a Larimer County Legal Separation Attorney

Our lawyers can help you with every aspect of the legal separation process. To schedule a free consultation with Leah Bishop, call 970-224-5555. You may also contact us online.