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Welcome to Leah Bishop, LLC

Leah Bishop, LLC, we specialize in family law and criminal defense.   Leah Bishop provides personalized service. 

       Fierce Advocacy

Leah Bishop is an attorney who gets results based on the facts and knowledge of the law.  Leah Bishop has tried numerous cases over her 15 years in practice.  Having an attorney with a great deal of experience in the courtroom is invaluable.  A competent attorney knows the law; a great lawyer knows the courtroom.  Leah Bishop has a proven track record of getting the results her clients desire.

Values and Integrity

Leah Bishop is assertive and direct in seeing to her clients needs.  Due to her experience, Leah Bishop is able to navigate clients through difficult times.  If you are facing divorce or being accused of a crime, Leah Bishop is here to help you.

Experienced Attorney

Leah Bishop has over 15 years of experience.  She will use her knowledge of the law and experience in the courtroom to advocate for you.

Please contact Leah Bishop, LLC today at (970) 224-5555 to schedule an appointment to discuss your legal needs.


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